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I am running for the European parliament because I want to fight for genuine social justice and a better future for all of us, by all of us.

My goals as a parliamentary representative are:

Solving the climate crisis, which is threatening the very foundations of life on Earth and the future of generations to come. As the top scientist of the world point out, we have got only 12 years to limit climate catastrophe. Finland should pioneer this endeavor by investing in innovation, renewable energy, and sustainable living and transportation; this would not only help save the world, but would create jobs and improve the standard of living in Finland as well.

Ajak Majok glances off into the distance

Kuva: © Mikael Kinanen

Promoting fair working conditions and living wages. We must defend and improve collective labor agreements, thus safekeeping the livelihood and well-being of all workers, but especially the lower-income members of the workforce. At the same time, we must take determined steps towards the adoption of a universal basic income. Earning a fair wage is a human right, but so is the ability to have a decent quality of life when earning a salary is not possible.

Ensuring equal and affordable education for everyone. Recent right-wing governments have been relentlessly attacking education and culture, cutting over 1.5 billion euros in funding throughout 8 years in Finland alone; the same has been happening all around Europe. This has led to a higher prevalence of of NEETs (people “Not in Education, Employment, or Training"), and has also forced children from low-income families to drop out of school and prematurely join the workforce. We must turn this unjust course around, and reinvest in education and the future of our societies.

Ajak Majok smiles at her friend

Kuva: © Remu Karhulahti

Never compromising on fundamental human rights. The far-right is on the rise, and governments across Europe and the world have been increasingly ignoring human rights violations. This trend must be stopped; we must defend the human rights of the Sami indigenous people, of the refugees who are forced to flee their homes, and of those who are oppressed and attacked for being who they are.

I believe we can create a sustainable and equitable future for all of us. But I can’t do it alone! On behalf of my campaign team, I wholeheartedly encourage you send me a message to join us on this journey. You can also help me become a member of the European parliament by donating to my campaign or simply spreading the word.

We can do better, so let’s make a better future happen!

Ajak Majok stands confidently during a studio shoot